"Arguably and undisputed, Jeremy Education Centre (JEC) is the BEST linguistic training institute under the erudite tutelage of Vandana Madam across the state of Gujarat. Years of in depth experience and expertise with phenomenal pedagogical techniques have helped JEC set forth exemplary paradigms in teaching, learning AND performing. "Thank you" will be a gross understatement to express my sense of reverence and gratitude towards JEC. "
- Arnim Agrawal.

"I had joined JEC for IELTS preparation. Believe me the students of JEC is their Mecca. Vandana Mam and Prakash Sir have just the right method to evaluate you and then they tug at the right ropes 2 make you a winner! Moreover, you`ll feel at home away from a home at JEC wid Vandana Mam`s motherly love and nurture. I would like to quote this for the teachers : "A great teacher believes in you, tugs and pushes and leads you to the next peak, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called "truth" and then suddenly..poof! disappears!!.. to let you enjoy the victory." By Vinit Thakker "
- Vinit Thakker

"I enrolled for a month, and the environment is quite friendly. Sir and Ma`am helped me throughout with my IELTS preparation. The institute gives personal attachment which anyone could get attached to. The availability of faculties and books at anytime was amazing. The Personality Development and personal counseling is great. Jeremy Education is the best place to get coaching to get the best result."
- Shushma Modi

"My experience at the JEC was excellent. The best thing I like about the classes is the Student specific teaching Approach. Vandana mam will first evaluate the level of the student and then teach accordingly. I highly recommend for TOEFL."
- Nitesh Ainani

"Mam and Sir are experienced teachers for years in their fields. Their strategies are excellent for Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading. They guided me well."
- Jay

"Very Good Classes."
- Hardik Jogi

"The teaching is excellent. They take personal interest in each student. The best part of the centre is that, I got an expected result. I recommend all to join the centre for better result."
- Max

"Teaching was of an excellent quality by Vandana Mam especially the concepts required for GRE and also for English Grammar. The main thing I like about JEC is that a friendly natured Vandana Mam adjusts her schedule according to our time and she does it so efficiently with personal interest that we can complete our course in less than required time just like I did my GRE course in just one and half month. Thank you so much Mam for helping me to get through both GRE and TOEFL examination. "
- Dr. Komal Jadav

"My experience at JEC is excellent. It was fun studying with Vandana Mam with a friendly atmosphere. Firing from Mam and speaking and writing help from Prakash Sir gave me 6.5 bands in IELTS. It was an over whelming experience studying at the centre. The PD classes helped me to grow in my personality of day to day life. I am sure; this institute will be one of the best in the country. "
- Vishal Chhatwal

"Vandana madam is a very friendly teacher and I believe that this brings about a very positive aura in the classroom making you want to learn. The teaching methods used are very effective in helping one remember what was taught in class. These qualities are present in the online sessions too which all add up to making it a very enjoyable experience at JEC."
- Saurabh Tripathi

"I am getting excellent teaching experience and I feel at home at JEC because of Madam and Sir. Keep it up!!!"
- Nirali Shah

"It was a wonderful experience at JEC with Vandana mam as our mentor. Here, I learnt new things along with the English language. I wish the centre a prosperous future. "
- Akshay Miterani

"This is like a private tuition, where Madam/Sir focused on every individual during classes. I am sure JEC will rock and would be in top 3 classes in Ahmedabad. "
- Vinu Nair

"I like the classes. Sir teach very lovingly. I have completed the Beginner (1st level English). I am a student of Intermediate (2nd level English) now."
- Kalal Bhavin

"The class was fun. I had a great time and learnt a lot."
- Krishna Mittal

"Great experience."
- Helly Bhatt

"Thanks a lot to mam and sir! JEC has really nice atmosphere to study."
- Dhrutit Vaidya

"I had very nice moments at JEC. I enjoyed a lot to study and had fun. Madam gave me lots of new tips to learn the word list through prefix and suffix easily. I am going to MISS the fun loving centre!!!"
- Pooja Kalamkar

"Well, It was a fantastic experience with the help available for all the time."
- Soni Harshil

"What should I say! It was good experience for IELTS preparation. To get good environment which is necessary for learning any subject. Guys! Just visit once you will feel about it."
- Patel Jaimin

"JEC is a very good institute for its English courses. Vandana mam takes individual care of each student. She is an excellent teacher and guides the student through the course."
- Aash Gohil

"Excellent education and perfect place to join if you are working."
- Amin Harsh N

"Incredible experience I have ever had in my life. Thanks a ton Prakash Sir and Vandana Mam!"
- Sanjay Desai

"JEC is the best place for English learning and Personality Development (PD) classes. We miss those golden days."
- Hardik & Komal

"I like the way you connect to students and make them sit and study. Keep it up!!!"
- Shruti Nagrath

"As per my experience JEC is very good institute for studying English Speaking and IELTS."
- Divya & Bhavin Charia

"I had lots of fun with learning IELTS at JEC."
- Harshil Patel

"JEC was such a wonderful experience and got a vice training of IELTS. "
- Suraj Patel

"Keep your approach the same, you will become the top institute in the state. I wish you Best of Luck!"
- Vijay Jain

"Good overall. But I have not got expected score just because of my weak match. However, the maths faculty is excellent. JEC helped me improve that part of my weakness. Verbal is very good. Prakash sir and Vandana maam are very nice and loving, always helped me. Thank you JEC."
- Jubin

"Maam and Sir are the sweetest teachers. Thank you so much for your love and support. "
- Kesha Patel

"JEC is very good institute."
- Ami and Chetan Patel

"Faculties are very good. They are very supportive. I have very good memory of all time."
- Solanki Jagrutiba

"I had a wonderful experience with Vandana Mam. She is great with verbal and her amiable nature always makes me feel at home. I had a great time with faculties. It was nice to experience and learn something new every day. The personalized attention helped me improve in many ways. I had great fun here. Thanks JEC!"
- Sucharita Roy

"Quite comfortable, flexible and strategic teaching a student can get here, which is appreciable. "
- Yash Chauhan

"I came from USA for TOEFL coaching. Out of many on internet, I found JEC the best institute. Though it takes about 40 minutes to commute but I personally feel it worth studying here. The faculties are pretty good and skillful in their excellent teaching techniques. I personally trust the smart and beautiful faculties for my TOEFL exam. My experience at JEC was full of learning with fun. I would definitely recommend it to all my friends and family. I will have online coaching for USA too. "
- Riddhi Dave

"My experience at JEC is really good because of my Vandana mam. She is really sweet. The best thing about the centre is teaching and homely atmosphere. "
- Vishwa Patel

"I found totally different teaching methodology at JEC. Personal attention helped me improve. I thank Vandana mam, Prakash sir and other faculties for guiding me in each section in detail. We were demanded to sit for 5-6 hours for practice. The last moment tips were so useful to do well in the final test. I got 7.5 bands. "
- Suraj Pandya

"I would like to extend my sincere regards for extensive efforts that the centre has put in for my desired result in IELTS. I appreciate their coaching for achieving the expected result. "
- Hardik Pandya

"I scored 8.0 bands in IELTS. This is the best coaching institute in the town under the guidance of highly experienced Vandana mam any student is assured to receive the best score in any examination. All the teachers are very supportive and helpful. The level of education and encouragement provided here cannot be found anywhere else. In a nutshell, I would state that this is not an institute it is a family. "
- Mahendi Raval

"I gained 8.5 in reading and overall 7.5 in IELTS. The efforts put by the faculties of Jeremy Education Centre is the intellect of my best scores. I am indeed grateful and indebted for all the support extended by the institute. Thanks a bunch. "
- Hirali

"I like the family atmosphere at Jeremy Education Centre. The way the teachers take care of each and everyone is amazing. I have asked all my friends and relatives to join Jeremy Education Centre for coaching. Thanks to Vandana mam and Prakash sir for personal attention."
- Pragya Dosaya

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